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SAVEYOURDATA - version 1.0.1.

Object certified description

SAVEYOURDATA standalone software for pseudonymisation (v.1.0.1)

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Product - standalone software

Certification scope

Scope of certification includes the following elements:

• The compliance of the SAVEYOURDATA V1.0.1 software, as provided by the Applicant for the assessment.  

• The conformity of the pseudonymisation process implemented by the above-mentioned software with the definition of pseudonymisation in the GDPR. 

The following elements are expressly excluded from the scope of this certification:

• The data processed by the end-users of the product to be certified (the Software), as well as the compliance or non-compliance of the data processing by the end-users with data protection regulations.

• Any other ANONOS and BIGPRIVACY related products and services.

• Any demonstrators or online deployments of the Software for third parties.

• Any personal data related to employees and/or contracted third parties of the Applicant.

• Third parties acting as data processors for the Applicant. 

Certification standard

EuroPrivacy (v43)

Initial date

03 October 2018

Expiration date

02 October 2021




The Evaluation Report is an integral part of this certificate. It includes complementary information and requirements. Any modification of the certified product must be communicated to the Certification Body and may require a complementary evaluation process in order to maintain the certification. Certification processes leverage professional expertise and methodologies in order to deliver independent, methodic and reliable evaluations. Nevertheless, certifications are based on samplings and cannot completely exclude subsequent non-conformities. Any communication on the delivered certificate must comply with the rules and guidelines of the Certification Body.

SAVEYOURDATA is a software that enables the pseudonymization of datasets to protect personal data. Pseudonymized files are still subject to personal data protection regulations but they are better protected against unauthorised access. SAVEYOURDATA is part of a platform of softwares which includes a complementary application for depseudonymizing the pseudonymized files. 


Code: A057

Certification body

Archimede Solutions
Code: 00A5